8 Essential Exercises You Can Do with a Gym Bench in Singapore

8 Essential Exercises You Can Do with a Gym Bench in Singapore

In fitness, the gym bench stands as a testament to timeless versatility. It's not just a piece of equipment. It's a cornerstone of strength training, with the adjustable weight bench becoming increasingly popular for its versatility. People admire it for its simplicity and effectiveness, often referring to the sturdy heavy duty bench that withstands rigorous use. People use it in the busy fitness scene in Singapore, with the incline bench being a favorite for its targeted exercises. They also use it in cosy home gyms worldwide.

The gym bench remains indispensable. Whether you're just starting your fitness journey or seeking to improve your routine, the gym bench offers many exercises. They work every muscle group. It sculpts the upper body precisely. It also challenges the core and ignites the lower body's power. A bench workout goes beyond the conventional. It invites you to explore a full-body workout that blends intensity with the grace of controlled movements. This guide unveils ten essential exercises that allow you to use the full potential of your gym bench — promising a complete approach to physical wellness.

What is a Gym Bench Used for?

The gym bench is simple but versatile fitness equipment. It's essential in both home and commercial gyms. It's designed as a sturdy platform on which to sit or lie down during exercises. The gym bench serves many purposes. It supports exercises that target different muscle groups. You can use it for the chest with bench presses, the back with rows, and even the legs with step-ups and more.

Its design varies from simple flat benches to adjustable ones. You can set the adjustable ones at inclines or declines. This broadens the range of exercises you can do. This adaptability makes the gym bench valuable. It can improve your workout. It provides a stable base for strength training, toning, and rehab exercises. The gym bench is like the Swiss Army knife of gym equipment. It is compact, multifunctional, and crucial for building strength and fitness.

Exercises You Can Try With a Gym Workout Bench

Upper Body Exercises

1. Supported Bent-over Row
Target: Upper back
The supported bent-over row stands out for its effectiveness in targeting the upper back. Place one hand on the top of an incline bench for stability. This supported position lets you focus on the back muscles. Then, row the dumbbell upwards. This variant is preferred over the variant where you place a hand and a knee on a flat bench – this compromises your hips and may lead to unintended injuries.

2. Dumbbell Chest Press
Target: Chest
The dumbbell chest press is a cornerstone exercise for chest development. Lying flat on the bench, particularly a decline bench for a challenging angle, this exercise allows a natural range of motion, which is crucial for building chest muscle and strength. Utilizing an exercise bench is a foundational move that safely introduces beginners to weightlifting, providing a pathway to more complex exercises.

3. Inclined Press
Target: Upper chest
Transforming the dumbbell chest press with an incline alters the game. This adjustment targets the upper chest, extending the arms' travel distance and engaging more muscle fibers. The Inclined Press challenges your stability by recruiting slow-twitch muscles for control and endurance.

Arm Exercises

1. Seated Tricep Extension
Target: Triceps
By doing the tricep extension seated rather than standing, you will be able to concentrate more on the actual lift as you will not need to brace your core. You also have the optionality of doing the lying tricep extension with a bench. However, the lying tricep extension is generally less favoured than the seated variant, due to the deeper stretch that the seated tricep extension offers.

2. Incline Bicep Curl
Target: Biceps
By adjusting the bench to an incline, the Incline Bicep Curl amplifies the intensity of the traditional curl. This position, often achieved with an adjustable bench, increases the range of motion and instability, pushing the biceps to engage more deeply for enhanced muscle growth.

Lower Body Exercise

1. Hip Thrust
Target: Glutes and hamstrings
The hip thrust extends the bench's utility to lower-body workouts. Supporting your back on the bench edge, this exercise targets the glutes and hamstrings, pivotal for lower body strength and aesthetics. The addition of weights can further intensify the workout, making it a versatile exercise for all levels.

2. Leg Extension
Target: Quads
You can perform leg extensions on a bench without the need for expensive exercise equipment. Grab a dumbbell and position it upright between your feet, resting the top against your shoelaces. Engage your core to stabilize your spine. Lean back slightly and grip the sides of the bench for support. Exhale and squeeze your quads to fire your legs straight up, lifting the dumbbell towards the ceiling. This exercise will fire up your quads, allowing for a targeted isometric exercise.

3. Lying Leg Curl
Target: Hamstrings
You can also perform leg curls on a bench without expensive gear. Start by lying face down on the bench with your toes hanging just off the edge. Hold the dumbbell between your feet, securing it firmly with your arches or ankles. Curl your heels towards your glutes, squeezing your hamstrings as you lift the dumbbell. This will allow you to hit your hamstrings effectively. Be careful not to drop the dumbbell on your expensive marble floor.

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