CARBYNE vs. Quick Adjustable Dumbbells

carbynefitnesslogoCARBYNE Adjustable Dumbbell

Quick Adjustable Dumbbell
Weight range variations

4kg - 23.5kg;
4kg - 32.5kg;
4kg - 41.5kg

3kg - 36kg;
2.5kg - 40kg
Incremental weight with each adjustment 1.5kg for all

36kg: 2.25kg;
40kg: 2.5kg


Silver: Electroplated iron
Black: Spray-painted iron

Spray-painted iron
Plates and connections

Silver: Fully metal
Black: Best-in-class nylon latches

Nylon latches
Placing the dumbbell on the floor Rounded, may wobble Flat base, will stay still
Rattling noise when exercising Silver: Rattles more due to fully metal plates
Black: Little rattling due to tight nylon latches
Slight rattling
Knurling Fine Aggressive
Handle width Thick (36mm) Normal (32mm)


CARBYNE Adjustable Dumbbells

Packing up to 26 dumbbells into 1, the CARBYNE Adjustable Dumbbell is one of the best adjustable dumbbells in the world. There are 2 colour variants (Silver and Black) and 3 weight variants (23.5kg, 32.5kg, and 41.5kg). These dumbbells all start from 4kg and adjusts in 1.5kg increments.

The CARBYNE Silver dumbbells feature an all-metal design (except for the internal switching mechanisms). Each plate is connected via a top and bottom latch that is molded as part of the plate itself. In contrast, the CARBYNE Black dumbbells feature best-in-class nylon latches, reducing rattling noises dramatically.

The CARBYNE dumbbells feature a relatively thick handle that is 36mm in diameter. The knurling is fine, allowing for a larger surface area of contact with your palms and feeling 'stickier' than regular knurled dumbbells. Try it to believe it by scheduling an appointment with us at one of our locations!


Quick Adjustable Dumbbells

Offering a more affordable alternative for those looking to build up their home gym, the Quick Adjustable Dumbbells, available in 36kg and 40kg variants, packing 16 dumbbells into 1.

Similar to the CARBYNE Black dumbbells, the Quick Adjustable Dumbbells feature nylon latches as connectors for the plates.

The Quick Adjustable Dumbbell's handle is 32mm in diameter and has an aggressive knurl.


Which Is More Suitable For You?

If you are auditorily sensitive: Opt for the CARBYNE Black or Quick Adjustable Dumbbell.

If you have really small hands: Opt for the Quick Adjustable Dumbbell which features a thinner handle.

If you have budget concerns: Opt for the Quick Adjustable Dumbbell. Alternatively, you may consider paying in installments for the CARBYNE Silver/Black (Atome available).

Above all else, consider the weight options (both the total weight and incremental adjustments). The CARBYNE Adjustable Dumbbells adjust in 1.5kg increments, whereas the Quick Adjustable Dumbbells adjust in 2.25kg/2.5kg increments for the 36kg/40kg models. If you prefer small increments when progressing in your fitness journey, the CARBYNE dumbbells will definitely be more suitable for you.


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