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CARBYNE Multi-Function Open Trap Bar

CARBYNE Multi-Function Open Trap Bar

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Introducing the CARBYNE Multi-Function Open Trap Bar, a revolutionary addition to your weightlifting arsenal. Forget the limitations of traditional barbells - the CARBYNE Open Trap Bar redefines your workouts, offering unparalleled comfort, versatility, and gains.

Engineered for Excellence:

Wide and Sturdy Frame: With a frame that is probably the widest among all open trap bars in the market, the CARBYNE Open Trap Bar allows for back squatting and bench pressing with an almost-wide grip. The frame is also knurled for a better grip experience. Designed to handle up to 300kg.
Integrated Jack: Spend less time setting up and more time lifting. The integrated jack allows you to load and unload weight plates easily, without having to lift the bar up with one hand.
Rotating Sleeves: Rotation on the sleeves reduces the amount of torque created by the plates, which provides a more secure grip and reduces stress on your wrists and elbows. This is particularly useful for deadlifts and Farmer’s Walks.
Enhanced Stability: The wide base of the CARBYNE Open Trap Bar’s feet ensures the bar stays grounded at the end lifts like the bench press or deadlift, minimizing wobble and maximizing safety.
Neutral Grip Position: The CARBYNE Open Trap Bar’s design allows for a natural, pain-free grip that reduces stress on your wrists and shoulders. This makes it perfect for exercises like deadlifts, shrugs, and rows, even with heavy weights.

SBD (Squat, Bench, Deadlift) and more:

The CARBYNE Open Trap Bar unlocks a world of exercise possibilities. Here's a glimpse of what you can achieve:

Squats: Target your quads and glutes with trap bar squats and also conventional back squats. The Open Trap Bar squat has the added benefit of a safety squat bar, reducing the likelihood of serious injury if your legs cave in.
Bench: Build upper body strength and power by targeting your chest, shoulders, and triceps with the fat bar bench press. The frame of the Open Trap Bar is wide enough such that bench pressing can be performed. Thick bars make your hands and forearms work harder, which means more strength and more muscle gains. Many anecdotal reports also suggest thick-bar training alleviates wrist, elbow or shoulders issues.
Deadlifts: Master the king of lifts with a more comfortable and safer form. A neutral grip position reduces stress on the wrists, elbows and shoulders. Rotating sleeves also provides a more balanced workout given the reduced torque generated from the weight plates.
Other exercises: Shoulder Press, Farmer’s Walk, Lunges, Rows, Shrugs, and more.

The CARBYNE Multi-Function Open Trap Bar isn't just another of those open trap bars on the market. It stands out with its wide frame, providing a gateway to improved performance, injury prevention, and a more rewarding training experience.

READ: We're selling the first 20 sets of the CARBYNE Multi-Function Open Trap Bar because of wobbling barbell sleeves (they are totally functional). As this is our very own design, with inspiration from the REP Fitness Open Trap Bar, our first batch of products were not as perfect as we intended. For those who do not mind imperfections, this is a value-for-money product that will aid you towards your fitness goals. The wobbling sleeves will not present an issue if you use barbell collars to secure your plates!

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Amazing customer service and product, will shop with them again!

Similar to Rep fitness open trap bar but at a steal

Fast delivery and received in great condition. Great service rendered by seller, responsive to the enquiries I've had. This is similar to Rep fitness open trap bar but at a steal. Overall, great purchase!